Windows in Wheeling, WV

Installing High-Quality Windows Since the 1950s

A J Gray Windows and Doors offers high-quality, dependable windows in Wheeling, WV. Whether you just want a fresh look at your home or a way to save money on your utilities, trust us. New windows bring a refreshing look that often raises the property value on homes with a few simple installations. Contact A J Gray today at (304) 233-2626 to start your journey to a new window installation.

What Will New Windows Do For You?

So the big question is, why do you want new windows? To put it simply, they will drastically increase the form and function of your home. They will help you to save on utility bills, reduce home maintenance and cleaning, and improve the functionality of your home. Check for the “Energy Star” logo on all of our replacement windows. You immediately will know that you are getting the best energy-efficient windows with A J Gray. We make every effort to provide you with the best windows that money can buy.

We Have Windows for Any Need

To best serve our customers, we provide windows for every need. We will fit your new windows to perfection, with great care in a timely manner. Whatever type of window you want and need, we have you covered. We at A J Gray completely understand how to install these products from our years of experience. You can always trust in anything installed by A J Gray. We can improve the functionality and form of your home with the following list of great window options:

Double-hung and casement windows
Bow and bay windows
Sliding windows

Specialty shape windows
Garden windows
Glass block

Proudly Servicing These Major Areas

Ohio County, WV
Wheeling, WV
Marshall County, WV
Moundsville, WV
Brooke County, WV
Hancock County, WV

Belmont County, Ohio
St. Clairsville, Ohio
Belmont, Ohio
Jefferson County, Ohio
Monroe County, Ohio
Guernsey County, Ohio
And Surrounding Areas

A J Gray Windows and Doors provides outstanding, reliable windows in Wheeling, WV.