Home Improvement Services in the West Virginia Panhandle
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Installing Doors, and Windows in Wheeling and Surrounding Areas

A J Gray Windows and Doors provide our services in the West Virginia Panhandle. We have what you are looking for when you need home remodeling in Wheeling, WV and beyond. If you are looking for an exotic variety of windows and doors and professional installation, trust us. We can sell and install doors, windows, and many other high-quality materials. Contact A J Gray today at (304) 233-2626 for information on these and other services:

Proudly Servicing These Major Areas

West Virginia Panhandle
Eastern Ohio

Why the West Virginia Panhandle Trusts A J Gray Windows and Doors

When shopping for additions to your home, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the vast options. We brief you on all of our materials and give you the pros and cons of each type. If you are not sure if aluminum or vinyl siding is the way to go, ask us. Our expert installation specialists have been doing this job for many years. When you do not know, go to A J Gray for the best service in Wheeling, WV. We do not just install things for you; we care about each piece we place on your home.

What Are the Benefits of Home Improvements in Moundville, WV?

While many people believe that the overall benefit of our services is aesthetic, it cannot be further from the truth. Many of our products include energy-saving benefits that will save the citizens of Moundville, WV thousands of dollars. These changes raise the property value of your house even higher, as the combination of beauty and efficiency makes it pop. Homes with our doors, windows, sidings, and more have the benefit of safety and security on their side. So if you are looking to raise your curb appeal and comfort, look no further than A J Gray.

Proudly Servicing Major Areas in West Virginia and Ohio

We serve a broad and spanning spectrum of both West Virginia and Ohio. Here you can see a list of the many areas we have performed work for previously. With this, you can potentially get an idea if we can work for you, something we would love to do. So call today if you live in any of these and surrounding ones:

Ohio County, WV
Wheeling, WV
Marshall County, WV
Moundsville, WV
Brooke County, WV
Hancock County, WV

Belmont County, Ohio
St. Clairsville, Ohio
Belmont, Ohio
Jefferson County, Ohio
Monroe County, Ohio
Guernsey County, Ohio
And Surrounding Areas

A J Gray Windows and Doors provides home improvement services in the West Virginia Panhandle.