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A J Gray Windows and Doors provides awnings and patio covers in Wheeling, WV. Patio covers and awnings not only look good but also protect your home from all of the elements. Awnings and patio covers are an easy way to increase your home’s aesthetics and energy efficiency. Trust the experts at A J Gray to install affordable, quality awnings, and patio covers on your home. Contact A J Gray today at (304) 233-2626 to find out more about us and our services.

The Benefits a Great Awning or Patio Cover Provides

Look no further when looking for a great way to keep your home or patio protected from the nasty weather. With these great awnings and patio covers, you can block harmful UV rays from harming your family. These will also decrease energy costs and protect the home or patio from sun and rain. These beautiful awnings and patio covers add a degree of charm to any home. They are straightforward to maintain and care for, and we believe that any home can benefit from having them.

Take a Look at All of our Great Awnings and Patio Covers

A J Gray can install several fantastic different products for your convenience. We always get the job done using our classic combination of experience, expertise, and quality materials. We provide all of these services at our usual great rates and make our best effort to do so with high efficiency. Swing by today to find out more about these and many other valuable services, including:

Window awnings
Door awnings
Posts and railings

Patio covers
Room enclosures

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Ohio County, WV
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Belmont County, Ohio
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Belmont, Ohio
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And Surrounding Areas

A J Gray Windows and Doors provides quality awnings and patio covers in Wheeling, WV.